Friday, March 9, 2012

Outside my back door.....

After the rain last Saturday, I stepped outside to look around and found this...

A quail, right outside our back door. Just another reason I love living in the country.

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Mrs. Norwood Aycock said...


I'm looking at your photographs and my eyes are popping out -- I absolutely love the way you see things! Your nature photography and photos of animals is incredible. I haven't looked at your portfolio yet but I am sure it is outstanding as well. Blountstown sure does have some talented folks and one day I hope to be half as good!

I found your blog with a Google search by typing 'Blountstown Blogspot' because I was looking for Blountstown area blogs to add to my own blog's list of blogs that I like to look at. My blog is an amateur-amateur photography blog and FOR FUN ONLY. I hope one day to develop an eye like yours! Keep up the good work!

--Melanie Aycock