Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

Last Saturday was the Calhoun County Fly In, here at the airport. It's pretty cool that the kids get free airplane rides. Laney was passenger #600 for her pilot. Apparently, it's a pretty big deal.

This was also Morgan's first plane ride. She was beyond excited. She was too young last year and was mad that her sisters got to fly and not her.  Madison opted out this year. She endured last year and seemed to have the attitude she had done it once, and that was enough!

Here, Mo's settling in.

Laney's loving the fact she's riding in a garnet and gold plane!

There they go!

Madison and I stayed home and cleaned house, so we missed all the fun and excitement. Ralph then took the girls by my Grandma's to take care of a few things and while there Morgan got stung by wasp. She had at least 6 places where she was hit. Ralph and Laney thought a snake had gotten her the way she was screaming, but alas it was just a nest of them she had stirred up.

"It was the best and worst day ever!" was what Morgan called it.

By Sunday evening I could tell she was having a reaction to her stings. Her leg was twice the size it should be and hot to the touch, so Monday found us heading up to the Doctor. This is how Morgan wanted to dress.

I do not know where the child gets her sense of dress - definitely not from me!

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Twila Henry said...

Aww, poor Morgan! I'm glad at least part of her day was good! :)