Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

Driving into town this week I noticed a tree that stood out. I noticed it for a couple of reasons, one it reminded me fall is soon approaching. The other reason was it obviously stood out because of it's color.

Gold surrounded by a sea of green.

It caused me to pause and ponder a conversation I recently had with one of our girls. There was an incident at school where a person in authority made a comment to the effect, that my daughter had humiliated her by choosing to read a book. Long story short, my daughter did not realize that it was not the book she was supposed to be reading and she was the one who ended up being humiliated.

I found myself telling my daughter not to stick out in this class, so as not to draw attention to herself.


That's not right.

Why shouldn't she stand out?

I do want her to stand out, for being a leader.
For making wise choices.
For working hard.
For showing initiative.
For admitting when she's wrong.
For not being a part of the crowd.

So, I told her I was wrong. I told her it was ok to stand out.
Stand out.
Be golden in a sea of green.
Be different.
Be you.

 "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." ~Oscar Wilde

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