Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

Monday began a new school year for our girls. It also began a new season in life for us - we have entered the middle school years. It's a place we will be hanging out until approximately 2017.

Did you hear that "whooshing" sound? That was Ralph taking a deep breath, when he looked at that number.

Here is Morgan on her first day of 3rd grade. I never have to tell this child to strike a pose.

Here is Laney, ready to tackle 5th grade!

And, here is Madison, our 6th grader.

Yes, that is hand sanitizer hanging from her belt loop. No, I did not let her go to school like that. I convinced her to hang it on her book binder!

They are all growing up...

I am very proud of the young ladies they are becoming. I am also looking forward to this school year and all that they will learn.

Here's to a wonderful school year - 2011-2012!

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