Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame - Summer 2011 Recap

Summer 2011 is coming to end. Summer always seems to go by fast, in slow motion, if that makes sense.
Here's our summer in pictures (and a few words)....

Morgan, recuperating from having her tonsils out.

Making a fort in the living room.

Playing with soap, a tarp and water hose on what we called our "Redneck Slip N Slide".

Having milestone birthdays.

Hanging out with family & friends.

Playing in the rain.

Watching corn grow.

Green beans.

And lots & lots of mason jars.

Searching for Tinker Bell

Watching sunflowers grow.

Taking unknown roads and adventures.



And more slip N slide fun.

All that, plus hanging out with friends, swimming, volleyball camp, 4-H camp, hanging out with extended family, 20 year class reunions, reading & movie watching. Even though we did not take any trips, I would say that summer 2011 was great. Who could ask for more than a happy, healthy family to make memories with?

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