Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

After going quiet a while without much rain, we've been making up for it the last week or so.

And we are thankful we have been getting rain most every afternoon. Of course it does interrupt the daily dose of the girls redneck slip-n-slide.

But one thing about our girls, they can adapt. When it rains, you just learn to play in the rain.
Unless there it is lightning. Then you learn to run fast onto the porch.
Then they stand on the porch and stick their hands out to catch water dripping off the eaves.

And they let water drip off their chins.
Cause, it just fun that way.

And they can give big smiles for the camera and pretend they like the sister they are standing beside.

Then turn back around and let the rain pelt them in the face, again.

Look, even Buddy wants to play in the rain.

Yep, rain is a good thing.....

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