Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Answer to Monday's Mystery Photo

Here is Monday's Mystery Photo again....

And the one person to guess it right (sort of) was Charlotte! She's pretty good at these. The photo is scroll work on a mailbox name plate, just not ours. It belongs to Ralph's grandparents.

Here it is.

I took this photo in January of this year. I had gone over to their place to take photos of Ralph's sister and family, and as I was pulling out of the drive I saw this and stopped. I could not help, but to think of all the letters this mail box has seen come and go. My family was the recipient of many letters from here.
Cards of encouragement.
Letters of family goings on.
Weather reports.
And always words of wisdom, kindness and focus on our Creator.

I was going through some old cards and letters the other day and ran across one Grandma had written, from at least 10 years back. She always cared what was doing in our lives.

Grandma (or Mom-mom as our girls call her) will be gone 1 year this week. I am so thankful for her influence in my life. I think of her when my youngest starts whistling a happy tune, when I hear a harmonica and when I see an armadillo. Her words continue to encourage and inspire with the life she and Grandpa had together.

Remembering and being thankful.....

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