Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 1994

June 18, 1994 - our wedding day.

I was thinking back and wondering what all that week held.

I remember spending Thursday night in what would be our new house, with 2 of my best friends, LeAnna Williams Hall and Jessica Tillman Brown. We stayed up all night watching movies and I was so thankful for the fun girl time we had, cause I slept like a baby on Friday night.

I remember coming home from the rehearsal supper turning on the news and watching the low speed chase that would become infamous - OJ Simpson running from the law. I remember wondering how their marriage could come to that.

It rained. The typical Florida, June thunderstorm and then it was gone.

Ralph's first words to me in my wedding dress, was "How's my hair?" I can smile at that now, that day however, well it involved tears.

I remember stress. Lots of stress. Things that I could control and things I had no control over.

We arrived at the reception with Ralph in the driver's seat and me in the backseat. My big, puffy dress would not fit in the front. Someone forgot and left us at the church. Looking back now, we should have skipped the reception and headed on to the honeymoon. I don't think anyone would have missed us!  

Excitement. The idea of starting our little family, well that was something I had always wanted. I remember telling one of my 10th grade teachers that all I wanted to be was a wife and mother. One of my dreams was about to come true.

I remember wanting the "perfect" wedding, and almost letting little things ruin the day. If I could go back and tell my younger self some advice it would be this -
* Don't sweat the small stuff. Both during the ceremony and after. The wedding
celebration is wonderful, but the marriage and what you make of it, well that
is what counts.
* Life is short. Take the time to enjoy it.
* Don't try to change the person you choose to marry. God made them the way they
are. Accept them for that and you will see them in a whole new light.
* Love and Respect - enough said.
* Marriage - it's a choice every day to love someone, to work on the marriage,
to stay committed. It's hard work, but worth the effort.

I am so thankful Ralph and I chose each other, and that we continue to choose each other, so we can enjoy this....

And all the craziness that having 3 girls holds. Because we know that soon, they will grow up and begin their families, and we will be back to this...

The two of us, the way it started.

Happy anniversary, Mr. Yoder. I would choose you again.

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