Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

Friday Freeze Frame was started in part, because there are moments that I look at my girls and just wish I could freeze time.

You know those moments when you realize that forts made of blankets, strung all over the living room, those moments will soon be a memory.

Little girls will grow up.

And instead of playing the game of Life, they will be living it.

Trying to figure out which career path. Car payments. House payments. Husbands. Children. Living, life.

Where pink money will not get you a condo.

Where a boo-boo can't be made better with a kiss.

Where staying up late and giggling or fighting with your sisters, under a fort you made with blankets, will just be a memory.

Freeze frame.....


The White Queen said...

That post was amazing! Thanks for posting!


Michelle Yoder said...

Thanks, Jo. Glad you enjoyed it!