Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

You see this picture...

I took it late, Tuesday night. Tuesday morning, Morgan had her tonsils and adenoids taken out.

Doc said it was necessary. She was beginning to have throat infections every month. When he took them out he told me that they were full of infection and just gross stuff I won't go into detail here with.

I have to say, she was a trooper. If she was nervous Tuesday morning, she didn't show it. She was all smiles and ready to get it over with. Maybe the fact that she got to watch Disney helped lessen the anxiety.

The nurses allowed me to walk back to the OR room with her, where I handed her off to them. I watched as she held one of their hands and walked away with her kitty & blankie.

When surgery was over, Doc came out and told me she did great thru it. Then shortly after he came out, one of the nurses came and said she was waking up and crying. So, I followed her back to recovery and could hear Morgan crying as I walked down the hallway.

Which of course made me want to cry. But I didn't, because that would not have helped her.

The nurses were able to give her some meds to help with her pain, which in turn settled her down. And believe it or not, she hasn't cried since.

She has been drinking gatorade and eating popsicles, very well, even when it hurts.

And I have to commend the staff at TMH Surgery Center, they were awesome. They were helpful on what to do when we got home with her. They put her at ease when taking the IV out (they let her 'help'). And they put a smile on her face with this.....

They wrapped kitty's paw with the same type bandage they had wrapped her iv with.

It sometimes is the small, extra step that can mean the most.

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