Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to try something I have never done before. Ralph took me golfing.
Here Ralph is lining up, getting ready to make a swing.

Yes, he's still smiling. We found the key to enjoying golf together, was not to take it seriously. Extend grace to one another. And laugh. Laugh a lot.

Laugh when one gets in the sand, because inevitably the other will. I just don't have pictures to prove I was there.

Here I am taking my "baseball swing" as Ralph called it. I admit I had a hard time not treating a golf club like a softball bat. Let's just say I had plenty of holes to fill after I teed off.
Look closely at this picture. Do you see what I see?

Yep, that's the tee flying through the air. I am not sure it's supposed to do that, but mine did.

In all seriousness, we did have a great time. I think we may have found us a new hobby.

It was perfect weather, for a perfect date. I'm looking forward to the next time....

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