Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Freeze Frame

Our girls have a favorite tree.

It's this one, and they call it the Bendy Tree because, well it's a tree and it's bendy.
I know, quiet original.

They like to go to the tree and climb it, and just recently I discovered this...

Yes, that's a sharpie.

This is apparently what they do when they are not actually climbing the bendy tree.

Not really sure what this says.

Apparently there was a story that just needed to be told. Too bad I can't read it!

When they get tired of decorating the trees, they move to the board fence. Where they like to state loudly that "Girls Rule!" And sign their names and their friends names.

What can I say, we're raising little graffiti artist.

And does anyone else see the irony of this picture?

A peace sign between barbed wire....

Love when my girls express themselves and in the process challenge me to think.

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