Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Open Letter.

This is an open letter.

A letter to anyone running for office.

Dear Candidate,

When running political ads, please view it through the lens of what this ad would look like to a child. Chances are, with the frequency they are being ran, a child will see one of your ads. That being said, do you really think that your opponent will release convicted felons back into society? Well, now thanks to your ad, my seven year old does. She is in fear that your opponent will be elected because of your ad. Was that the market you were going for?

Furthermore, if every ad you run is a slam on your opponent, that is a red flag to me. It's a red flag that you are trying to divert attention from your short comings. Please, tell me what you will do if you are elected, not what your opponent will do. Because, honestly, if you are able to predict what your opponent will do with their two or four years-I'm pretty sure standing on the street corner, with a crystal ball would be more profitable for you.

If you make a call to a constituent and you do more talking, than listening, you are in the wrong business. SERVING in office is a privilege, not a right. LISTEN to those you SERVE.

Lastly, stooping to the level of using the tactic, "But I knew your dad/mom/grandparent, etc., and they always supported me." That tells me that you are desperate. This just is not wise, especially if mentioned relative is dead.

Desperation is an ugly cloth to wear.

The sad thing about our government is that it seems we are electing politicians, not statesmen. Where have all the statesmen gone?

A wife, mother, daughter, sister and simply - an American voter

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