Tuesday, September 7, 2010

“The Boy Who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews

“The Boy Who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews
                                                            Illustrated by Philip Hurst
 “The Boy Who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews is a children’s book about a young man who grows up to effect billions of people, and how one action or influence can build and lead to a greater thing.
I really enjoyed reading this book and the illustrations that go along with it were vivid and engaging. I also loved the message of the book that, “Everything you do matters.” How one seemingly small act can effect the world in generations to come.
The real test of whether this book was good or not, was when I asked my 10, 9  and 7 year old daughters to read this. They sat down and read it and then wanted to discuss it. Success! We were able to discuss the meaning book and how their decisions and actions today can effect others, even after we are gone. I love books that open discussions of how our actions are important, even the small ones. This book definitely will lead to good discussion with your children.
I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to expand their children’s book collection or give a gift of reading to a child. It is a very worthy read. 

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