Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer School


That word evokes several different feelings when I hear it.

Sleeping late.
No school.

This summer has changed the way I view a lot of things.
I have learned a lot about myself.
About my husband.
About my children.
About God. 

Lessons I've learned this summer -
* A child can get tired of eating ice cream (especially when that's really all they can eat).
* "Deadliest Catch" is by far the realist, reality show out there. I'm addicted.
* Netflix is the bomb.
* My kids need a routine & structure to happily function.
* Parents really do hurt when their kids hurt (physcially, spiritually & emotionally).
* My cholesterol levels suck.
* Letting what others say replace what the Holy Spirit is speaking into your life is a not a good thing.
* I can't be effective serving others, if I'm not serving those that God placed in my home effectively.
* I really do love photography.
* Perfect love casts out all fear.
* There a seasons to friendships. Not all will last. The ones based on authenticity will.
* I can go further in the Gulf than my knees. Especially when my kids are being carried out by riptide.
* There are young men who will do the right thing, even when it's not easy or necessary.
* Fireflies leave me with the feeling that some things are still magical.
* You really can look forward to what is to come after this life.
* When someone is going thru a trauma/tragedy, a simple hug and 'I care,' is enough. 
* I am thankful for every day. For my husband. For my children.
* Grace, I'm in desperate need of it.
* A home is a wonderful thing to have, but an even bigger blessing to share.
* Boys really are wired differently than girls.
* There is nothing quite like a Major League Baseball game.
* There really is such a thing as the Possum Festival.
* I'm judgmental of judgmental people.

This summer is one that I will not forget for many reasons. The main one will be that God has a plan, and I need to just trust. That is the most important lesson of all.

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Elizabeth Bennett said...

Awesome. I love you! I like that we are growing in Christ together in many areas! Glad you are my sister in Christ!