Friday, April 9, 2010

New Do's

This was my girls yesterday morning...

This is my girls this morning...

We all had hair cuts yesterday, and we all went short for 2 very good causes. Laney and Morgan will be donating their hair to Locks of Love
Madison and I will be donating ours to Pantene's program. (Sorry, I do not do very good self portraits, so no pics of me.)

The girls have been patiently growing their hair for almost two years in anticipation of donating it. I can honestly say that they did not have one doubt about cutting their hair. Unlike their mother.

You can see the simple joy this one act did for the girls....

I cannot help but think of the Twiggs family when my girls talk about donating hair. Their sweet Martha Anne was the first person I knew personally that donated hers. She made an impact on my girls when they saw her unselfishly cut her hair. An impact that they remember to this day.

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