Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things not to ask.

Two weeks before Christmas, Ralph and I were in Tallahassee on a date and doing some shopping. Now, let me tell you something about my husband, he is a one of the best bargain hunters I have ever met. He can track down a good deal. Which stands to reason, because I on the other hand will pay full price for something just to be done with the shopping part.
Opposites attract.
So, he had a flyer from a 'big' girl store that had come in the mail that had a coupon on it.
He hands it to me.
Then he says, "Honey, why don't you look here and see if you can find anything." Now at this point I'm thinking he does not realize that this is a 'big' girl store. I inform him of this fact.
His response, "So. I'm sure you can find something. See, I have this coupon."
Now, I am starting to get testy and a wee bit insecure, and I do one of the dumbest things a wife can do. I ask him, "So, you think I'm fat?"
"Um, no baby, you're not fat," he responds hesitantly. "But I have this coupon, you can find something there, I'm sure."
Oh really, I'm thinking to myself. Then I ask, "So, where do you think I'm the fattest?" Again, with the dumb questions!
He doesn't hesitate, "Your legs."
I asked.
Lesson learned, don't ask your husband a question that no matter what he answers, he's gonna be in trouble. Just take the coupon and shop.

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