Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's right.

It had been a long day for me. It was evening and I was being pulled several directions.

Bath time, making sure everyone bathed.

Supper, trying to figure out what and get it ready.

Laundry, there were piles that needed to be put away.

Picking up, someone was coming in less than 30 minutes to look at the house.

There was a lot going on. On top of that I was trying to answer what seemed like an endless amount of ridiculous questions from the girls. After the tenth or so question, I became a little frustrated.

That's where this dear little on comes in. I can't remember what she asked, but my answer back to her was, "I wouldn't be surprised what y'all are doing. For all I know you are picking your nose and playing a banjo."

To which she quickly and with a smile, replied, "Mom, we don't own a banjo."

She's right, we don't. Now I'm wondering what she would do, if we did.

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