Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is what behind looks like....

No, not THAT behind.
It's this behind -
Behind on laundry.

Behind on putting anything else on our Christmas tree. In all honesty, the girls are lucky that I got this one up. It's decorated with candy canes, our ornaments for this year and lights.
It's also missing the bottom section. I totally screwed up when I was putting it together. I put the middle in first without realizing it, until I had fluffed it, strung lights and went to put the next section in.
So, I left it.
Instead of a 7.5 ft tree we have a 5.5 ft tree.
I am oddly ok with that.

Behind, by not having any presents wrapped yet. Hey, at least I do have some actual presents bought.
Behind by not having this book reviewed yet. Read it, just been to busy to sit and give my opinion on it.

Ah, but do you see this........

Even though I am behind on many things. There are things that are getting done, like a painted wall of our new home!

Granted, there are 3 more to go. And the dormers.
But there is progress being made.
We are making progress.
When I see that, I realize, maybe I'm not so behind.

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