Monday, November 9, 2009

She plays with ants.

Do you see this sweet face?Well, right when I think I may have this kid figured out, she pulls a fast one on me. You see, Morgan finally started feeling better on Sunday. How do I know? She wanted her hair curled. So, I fixed her hair. That afternoon we went over to our new house to look around and take pictures. I was sitting on the front porch with Mo, talking when I looked down on the ground. Right beside her foot was a pile of ants.
I told her, "Morgan, watch out, there are ants right by your foot."
She doesn't say a word, just picks up a stick and starts stirring them up. Then she pulls the stick up.
Look closely.......
Can you see the ants crawling on the stick?

Well, if that was not good enough, she lets one start crawling on her arm. Here she is turning her arm over to show me her ant.
She was quiet content to let the ant crawl on her arm, with no alarm. I asked her, "Morgan, aren't you worried the ant may bite you?"
Her response - "Nah. It won't."
"How do you know baby?" I ask.
"I don't momma, but it's not now. It's just tickling me, so I'm not worried," she says.
Oh boy. The things I can learn from my 6 year old. To stop, enjoy life, even though it may hurt me, to just trust and concentrate on the positive.

Thanks, sweet girl for that reminder.
And I'm glad that you keep surprising me, and I don't have you all figured out.

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