Monday, November 30, 2009

Morgan's story about a turkey.

Today, I have struggled with frustration. I'll admit it. I did not get to my to do list because I have been sick. Fever, sinus infection. I should have been cleaning, painting, laundry, decorating for Christmas and running errands.

Not in bed - sick.

But, that is where I have been all day. It's easy to feel sorry for myself and get frustrated.

Then my youngest daughter, Morgan brought this story home this afternoon.

And I smiled.

And thought of all the things I needed to be thankful for.

Here is Morgan story - in her words - as she wrote it. Words in parenethisis are mine for clarification.

"My name is Dandelion. I am a turkey. I live on a fam (farm). I am budf (beautiful) with pink fethrs (feathers) and I have blue eyes and I can swim in a pool and I care(carry) a prs (purse) and I am gone for 3 weeks from the hutrs (hunters) and I am sked (scared) of Thagsgiveing (Thanksgiving)." Morgan

What else can you do, but smile when you look at Thanksgiving and turkeys through the eyes of a 1st grader. Especially turkey's with pink feathers and those that carry purses.

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