Monday, October 19, 2009

"The Search for God and Guinness" by Stephen Mansfield

I just finished reading the book “The Search for God and Guinness” by Stephen Mansfield. I have to admit the title is what drew me to want to read this book. What does searching for God and beer have in common? By the last page, I learned what they had in common.
This book starts with the history of beer, the theory on how it came about and on to the modern day industry. Also, the role that the Guinness family has played in the beer industry. This book reads much like a history textbook in some places, with lots of dates and names. So, if you do not enjoy that, then this book might not be for you.
What I did learn is that the Guinness family built their brand on caring. Caring for their workers and their families. They gave generously to the church, the poor and needy. They fought social injustices. They provided better housing, health care and cultural gatherings for their workers. Guinness understood that productive workers came from happy homes. Something I think, today’s corporate climate may be missing.
I found this book very interesting.

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