Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Grief....

Good grief.
That's what I kept saying as I was trying to get pictures done with the girls today.
I had the bright idea to try and get our Christmas letter picture done today.
Good grief.
It's only October, is it really time for that?
So, I suggested the girls wear their pillowcase dresses that Grandma made for them. I think they are so cute! Of course that was met with , "Why Mom?' Um, because I said so .
"Why do we have to stand here?"
"Why do we have to look this way?"
"Why do we have to smile?""Why can't we climb the tree?"
"Why do we have to take the shoes that don't match off?"

I should have responded - "Why don't you hike your dresses up and tear off running!"
That would have gotten a big smile....
"Why do we have to sit here?"
"Why do I have to sit so close to my sister?"
"Why can't I be in the middle?"
Good grief - finally!

I think I may have gotten one shot that we can use for Christmas - maybe. You'll just have to wait until Christmas to see.

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