Monday, September 21, 2009

Goodbye Summer '09

Goodbye Summer '09.
You have been a good one.
There were many days of playing in the pool.
There was the girls first trip to Blue Springs (and mine, too.)
There was also a trip to Wakulla Springs.
There was also trips to the beach.
There was also celebrating 15 years of marriage to this man.
There were days of lice picking.
There were days of summer reading.
There were days of fighting sisters.
There were days of loving sisters
There was a day of white-water rafting (another first for me).
There were days of blogging.
There were sick days.
There was the day when we signed the papers so that we could build our house.
There was the day that we actually started our house.
There was a day of tubing down the Chipola River. (That included a panic attack for me.)
There were movie days.
There were days of building fence. Those were the hottest, of course.
There were days of dreaming.
There was the day at the museum.
There was a birthday.
There were happy days.
There were sad days.

Last night, the pool got drained........

And Laney taught me how to play a new game......

Yes, 2009, it was a good summer.

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