Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is what I was looking at...

Yesterday we headed over to the new house.

Total side note, I am already getting confused on new house, old house, new place, old place. I feel like I'm always having to correct myself, make sure I'm talking about the right place. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of my confusion.

Here are the youngest two informing us they had mud on their hands.

Then the third one joined them.

Then they headed to our newly poured slab! The concrete was poured on Friday and as part of the process of taking care of it, we were told to put a sprinkler on it and that would help it not crack as much.

Here is some shots of our concrete, the sky and water.

I love this last shot. It was the sun behind the clouds, reflecting on the water and concrete.

I can't wait for the finished product!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can you guess what I'm looking at?

Here is another hint......

To be continued - tomorrow.....

Homecoming Week 2009

This week was Homecoming week at BES, and this year the girls dressed up each day in celebration.
Monday was camo day.
Yes, we live in the South.

Tuesday was PJ day. They were excited about the fact that they could roll out of bed and be dressed for school.

Then on Wednesday was Team Spirit Day.
We had a Gator sandwiched between 2 Seminoles.
Thanks Aunt Kathy for the Gator influence! By the way, that is totally a sarcastic thank you.

Thursday was the day they had looked forward to all week! They were so excited for this day.
Do you want to guess what day it was by looking at my hand?

It was Rock Star day! I basically put pink in their hair and body glitter on them and they immediately started doing the rock on sign and air guitar.
Amazing what a little glitter and hair color will do.

Then Friday was Tiger day and the homecoming parade. All I'm going to say is it was HOT, and not in a sexy kind of way. It was HOT, in the sweat dripping out of every pore, makeup melting off, kids are whiny kind of HOT.
But at least it wasn't raining!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Goodbye Summer '09

Goodbye Summer '09.
You have been a good one.
There were many days of playing in the pool.
There was the girls first trip to Blue Springs (and mine, too.)
There was also a trip to Wakulla Springs.
There was also trips to the beach.
There was also celebrating 15 years of marriage to this man.
There were days of lice picking.
There were days of summer reading.
There were days of fighting sisters.
There were days of loving sisters
There was a day of white-water rafting (another first for me).
There were days of blogging.
There were sick days.
There was the day when we signed the papers so that we could build our house.
There was the day that we actually started our house.
There was a day of tubing down the Chipola River. (That included a panic attack for me.)
There were movie days.
There were days of building fence. Those were the hottest, of course.
There were days of dreaming.
There was the day at the museum.
There was a birthday.
There were happy days.
There were sad days.

Last night, the pool got drained........

And Laney taught me how to play a new game......

Yes, 2009, it was a good summer.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

View from my front yard...

This was the view from my front yard, yesterday evening....looking to the North East.

Then I turned and looked West........

God paints with the best colors.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dragon flies & Corn Fields

I'm ready for fall. These two things remind me that it's right around the corner......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have officially started

Well, actually we have been working on this for awhile, and today it seemed to become more official. The contractor's sign is out by the road. The building permit is in the box at the construction site. And the concrete guys came and started prepping to get ready to pour the foundation.

We are building our house!

And in the process of building our house. The girls and Ralph are making plans to make the place a home. This tree, well they have grand ideas of the tree house that will be built there. Even to the what the roof will have on it.

I love their dreaming.....

And speaking of said young ladies. Here they are on Uncle Beaver's four wheeler, just sitting and laughing and scheming and dreaming.

Don't they look so sweet and innocent?

Would you believe that they have a huge fascination with this thing???

As soon as we pulled in the drive this afternoon, it was like their bladder's decided to synchronize. The chorus of, "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom. Bad!" They must have forgotten that we had just left the house, from which they had just spent the last few minutes, emptying said bladders.

Really what is the fascination with Porta-Potties? Maybe I should have let them use it.
That might have broken their fascination with it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Fearless" by Max Lucado

Oh my. I have recently read the book "Fearless" by Max Lucado. One word - wow. In today's society we are faced daily with fears - job loss, downturn in the economy, hurricanes, death. All things that can cause us to place ourselves in a bubble to keep us safe.

But really, is that why Christ came to the earth and faced death on the cross, so that we could be safe? Or was it so we could live fearlessly and boldly? My favorite quote from this book is found in the opening pages, “The worship of safety emasculates greatness.” Too many times I find myself placing the “bubble wrap” around my emotions, my ideas, my thinking. It is all because of fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of the loss.

Jesus didn’t come so that I could cower in the corner. He came to set us free. This book was a great reminder and encouragement of that fact. I was challenged by this book, and that is what I look for in a book. Something to take away and be able to apply to my life. This book definitely offers that!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mom's Birthday

I celebrated my Mom's birthday a little early this year. Her birthday is not actually until the 14th of this month, but we did something special this past Saturday. We got up early on Saturday and drove to Monticello to take a painting class, where we painted on window panes.

We had so much fun!

Here are the finished products.........

Mom chose the roses. She did a fabulous job!

I chose the sunflowers. I have a hard time staying inside the lines - hmmm....

I already have a room picked out to hang this when our house is complete!

Happy early Birthday Mom!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beautiful Belly

I had the privilege of taking a dear friends picture this past Friday. I am so happy for the chance to document her pregnancy and for the little life growing inside of her.
Congratulations Philip and Alicia - I can't wait to meet your little one.