Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cowgirl Morgan

Since my husband grew up on a dairy farm, he really feels that it is important that the girls have chores to do, and animals to care for. So, last week he bought them a calf - one for each child.

If you have trouble with math, like I always did in school, that's 3 new calves.

They have to be bottle fed.

Twice a day.

Are you getting the picture?

Now, I am not what one would describe as an avid animal lover. I like to watch cows grazing, puppies frolicking, but that is about where it ends for me. Here is the thing, Ralph's usually gone in the mornings when it's time to feed the calves, and not home yet in the evenings when it's feeding time again.

You can say I got roped (pun intended) making sure the animals are fed and cared for.

Have I ever mentioned that there is rarely a dull moment at our house?

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful afternoon, so we were outside feeding calves and winding down from the girls first day back at school.

And do you see this little fellow...

He was standing there minding his own business, when.......

this little lady, Cowgirl Morgan, galloped up behind him, swinging that thing. I'm still not sure where she got it from.
Poor little fella, didn't stand a chance....

Ah, what's this? He made a break for it and she wound up caught...

I imagine he's saying to himself, "Na-na, boo-boo"

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