Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never a dull moment ...

Today has been a good day here at the Yoder house. The girls and I went to Panama City and saw a movie (the cheap one). Then we did some school shopping at Pier Park and Target.

Now, as I was shopping I was thinking, "I should blog about this." You see, I hate shopping. Actually, abhor would be a better word.

I shop only when it's necessary, and only when I know exactly what I need and where I'm going to get it.

Today, I took my three daughters with me. Good gracious, one would show me something, and the other two automatically came with something they wanted. Next time I go shopping, I take reinforcements.

But, I did have a good time with them. At the theater, as I was waiting in line, one had to go the bathroom. I sent them all, with strict instructions to stick together and wait for one another.

No more wiping noses and butts, they can do that for themselves now!

On the way home, I was thinking what a neat post I could do tonight.

Then we got home.

And the girls wanted to swim.

And then they were outside of the pool.

Seems like they have something. Could it be something Belle had gotten?

Side note, thank you Kim for letting me borrow your lens! I was able to capture my dear girls playing with this.

Do you see what this is - it is a RAT - that our dog had captured, stunned, hurt - whatever, and the girls had it in a bucket.

On another side note - if I had time to play with my Photoshop CS4 that I got in the Spring - I would have been able to splice these two photos together and made one really good photo.

But, I haven't had time, and I didn't splice.
One day.

Long story short, our puppy had captured a rat, that our daughters felt sorry for.
YUCK! I hate rats.

They will make me jump on top of counter, quicker than anything - even a snake. Well, that may be a stretch. I really abhor snakes as well.

I get the shivers just thinking about it.

So, a day that started out with movies and shopping, ended with a rat rescue.

Well, technically it wasn't a rescue. The girls let it go and then Belle caught it again. Madison asked if we could give it a proper rat burial. I said, "NO!"

There is never a dull moment at our house.

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