Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smart Mouth

Ok, I have a confession.

Sometimes, I can be real snarky and have what my parents always termed, a smart mouth. Now one would think being called a smart mouth could quiet possibly refer to ones intelligence. Usually in my case, it refers to my lack of.

I don't always think through my statements before I say them.

Take today for instance.

Today has been one of those days.

You know the kind, where it would be nice to crawl back in bed and wait it out til the next morning.

It started with my oldest complaining of her head itching. So, I checked her. Yep, she had lice.

I am 35 and have never had lice. I wish she would have attained that. So, that entailed me heading to my Mom to get her to double check. You know, just in case I was wrong.

Now Mom is qualified to look because she spent umpteen years as a school secretary. She has seen her fair share of lice. She confirmed what I feared, so it was off to the pharmacy to get the shampoo.

We get home and then I get the privilege of spending two + hours picking through my child's hair. It looked like we were auditioning for an Animal Planet show.

As the afternoon wore on I realized it was getting hot. Being smart, I figured it must just be really hot outside. Then Laney looks at our thermostat and says, "Mom, it's 87 degrees inside." The AC was blowing hot air. Fortunately it was only a tripped breaker, but it took it a while to cool back down.

In the mean time my Dad calls. He had heard that Madison had uninvited guests, so he was calling to check on her, and apparently grill me.

Here is where my smart mouth took over. He proceeded to tell me that I had never had lice. Yes, Dad, I know.

Well, what are you doing to treat it. I tell him what I am doing.

Then the straw the broke me - he asked where in the world did she get it? She has been so many places in the last two weeks, there is no telling! So my response, "You know Dad, I don't know, they didn't leave their return address."

Sorry Dad, me and my smart mouth apologize.

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