Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Stuff

I have felt pretty much out of the loop lately. With summer vacation starting for the girls, and a planned get away for Ralph and I, well we are out of our routine.

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am addicted to routine.

You get the picture. Life is a little out of sorts right now. It's ok, I just have to work harder to keep the laundry from being out of control, the dishes put away, and the children fed, clothed and in bed at a decent hour.

So, just a few random things going on.

Laney went back for a check up on Friday, and her blood work came back good! White blood cell count was up, and everything pointed to her have a really bad viral infection. Possibly the flu. Needless to say I am not consumed with worry, as I was.

Ralph and I were able to have a get away last weekend. We were blessed to have friends and family keep the girls, so that we could attend a wedding in Tennessee and to celebrate our anniversary. June 18 we will be celebrating 15 years of marriage.

Wow, when I type that out it seems a little surreal. 15 years is a long time ago, and it also seems like yesterday.

We also have some exciting things going on personally that I can't share just yet. There are some things that need to happen before I feel comfortable sharing, but I am excited about new opportunities.

Those are some of the random thoughts running through this tired brain of mine tonight. Excited for summer and new opportunities, thankful for my children and celebrating my marriage.

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