Thursday, June 11, 2009

A couple of things...

Summer is in full swing here at our house. The girls are participating in the library's summer reading program, and spending their afternoons playing in the pool. We have not made it to the beach, yet, but that will come soon.

I was at church (RiverTown Community Church) today and was told by Jarrod Wester that the Daraja African Choir will be putting on a concert in the Life Center at 4:30 - this Friday (tomorrow). I am hoping to take the girls and see them. I am sure it will be great. So if you are in the Blountstown area, stop by.

Today, I will admit - I am worried. Last week Laney was running a fever, and generally not feeling well. I was going out of town for the weekend, and so I took her to the doctor, just to have her checked out. After checking her and deciding it was viral, Laney started complaining of her side hurting. The doctor then decided to do a finger prick and check her blood. It came back that she did have a viral infection, but it also showed that her white blood cell count was really low. When I say really low, doc told me when she was going through chemo hers never got as low as Laney's was. Then she gave me a number to reach her, just in case I needed to over the weekend. I appreciated her giving me the number, but it made me worry.

Tomorrow I take her back to recheck her blood. Am I worried? Yes. Is my mind racing with what if's? Yes. Am I concerned? Of course. With the same breath that I have all these questions I respond with, "I can trust God, no matter what."

That phrase is one that my girls hear every Sunday in UpStreet. It is a phrase that has both freed me and confined me. It has made me look at myself and ask myself, "Am I practicing what I am preaching?" Do I trust him to take care of my children? Short answer is - yes, I do trust Him.

So, tomorrow if you think of us, please say a prayer. I will post what we find out tomorrow.

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