Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


This week if you read this post, you know that we have been dealing with head lice. It has been a daily check of the heads and washing of the sheets. It has been a long week.

One of the treatments I was told would work for getting rid of the little buggers was to put mayonaise on the girls hair, then a shower cap and let them sleep in that over night. Then the next morning rinse their hair with vinegar. The mayo would smother them and then the vinegar would make it easier to comb them out.

Yes, I said gross as well.

You see mayo is my least favorite condiment in the spectrum of sandwich making. It actually has the ability to make me gag when I see a big glob of it.

No joke.

So, of course I would marry someone who LOVES mayo. In fact, he has been known to lick a knife clean that holds the nasty stuff, or simply eat a spoon full of it.

I actually shuttered when I typed that last sentence.

Tuesday night, I was THANKFUL that he loved mayo. He did the honors of slathering the girls hair down with white stuff that was going to smother the little bugs. As thankful as I was that night, it did not occur to me that the next morning he would be gone to work.

I would get the honors of rinsing out the stuff, AFTER the girls had slept in it.



Rinsing it out - with vinegar, no less. To put it mildly, by the third head of hair, my hands smelled like some out-dated salad dressing. They smelled like that for the next 2 days.

Needless to say after that, I still don't like mayo. I am however thankful for it's ability to smother lice, but I don't think I will be eating any mayo sandwiches or salad anytime soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smart Mouth

Ok, I have a confession.

Sometimes, I can be real snarky and have what my parents always termed, a smart mouth. Now one would think being called a smart mouth could quiet possibly refer to ones intelligence. Usually in my case, it refers to my lack of.

I don't always think through my statements before I say them.

Take today for instance.

Today has been one of those days.

You know the kind, where it would be nice to crawl back in bed and wait it out til the next morning.

It started with my oldest complaining of her head itching. So, I checked her. Yep, she had lice.

I am 35 and have never had lice. I wish she would have attained that. So, that entailed me heading to my Mom to get her to double check. You know, just in case I was wrong.

Now Mom is qualified to look because she spent umpteen years as a school secretary. She has seen her fair share of lice. She confirmed what I feared, so it was off to the pharmacy to get the shampoo.

We get home and then I get the privilege of spending two + hours picking through my child's hair. It looked like we were auditioning for an Animal Planet show.

As the afternoon wore on I realized it was getting hot. Being smart, I figured it must just be really hot outside. Then Laney looks at our thermostat and says, "Mom, it's 87 degrees inside." The AC was blowing hot air. Fortunately it was only a tripped breaker, but it took it a while to cool back down.

In the mean time my Dad calls. He had heard that Madison had uninvited guests, so he was calling to check on her, and apparently grill me.

Here is where my smart mouth took over. He proceeded to tell me that I had never had lice. Yes, Dad, I know.

Well, what are you doing to treat it. I tell him what I am doing.

Then the straw the broke me - he asked where in the world did she get it? She has been so many places in the last two weeks, there is no telling! So my response, "You know Dad, I don't know, they didn't leave their return address."

Sorry Dad, me and my smart mouth apologize.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I love my kids.

We have always strived for honesty and an open relationship with our girls. We want a home where they can feel safe to tell us anything.

Like today.

I picked the girls up from the library program and they were begging to go swimming. I told them that they couldn't because I had an eye doctor appointment. They would get to go to Gran's.

That lead into them asking if I was getting glasses or contacts. I told them I didn't know if I would need anything, but if I did I would choose glasses. They asked if my eyes were bothering me and I said yes a little. They have been watering and when I read they feel tired.

To which Laney responded, "Well Mom, you are getting old. When you get old, you have to get glasses."

To which Madison responded, "Nah ah, wearing glasses doesn't mean she's getting old - it's all her gray hair. That means she's getting old."


I do love my kids.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

15 Years Ago

15 years ago, today, I married this man.

I could say it was a perfect day, with the perfect ceremony, filled with lots of love and no bad things. That however would be a lie.

Ralph was so nervous that the first thing he said to me when he saw me in my wedding dress was, "How is my hair?" That made me cry, so in the first dozen pictures of me, in all my bridal glory, I have red blurry eyes.

During the song that was played as we lit the unity candle we carried on a conversation. It was not one of romance and undying devotion to one another. No, we were making sure we had packed everything for our honeymoon. I specifically recall Ralph asking if I had gotten his deodorant. I am so glad he did not want to smell!

After the ceremony was over Ralph and I got into the van, where we were told we would be driven to the reception.

We waited.

And we waited.

Finally, Ralph got out and went searching the church to find that everyone had left. The church was empty, and we were the only ones there. I can only imagine how odd it must have appeared to those that saw us pull up to the reception - Ralph driving, and me sitting in the back, by myself.

Then as we were getting ready to leave for our honeymoon, we were given our food basket along with an apology. You see as most receptions go, Ralph and I did not get to stop and eat because we were busy talking and taking pictures. The plan was that the caterer would fix us a basket for us to take with us.

Problem was there was NO food left. Yep, everyone that we had planned on coming to the wedding did, and apparently brought friends. We had grapes and wedding cake for our wedding feast.

My point in sharing all this is 15 years ago today, I began my life as Mrs. Ralph Yoder. Even with the ups and downs of that day, I would do it all over.

I guess our wedding day was a precursor to what our marriage would be.

We have had moments when one says something and hurts the other. We have learned to work through and get over it.
We have learned to communicate and plan.
We have worked together to get to the places we want to go.
We have learned to laugh at what could be an infuriating situation.

I have learned that even though my wedding day may not have been picture perfect, I would not change a thing, because it has been through imperfections that I have learned some of the best lessons.

Thank you Ralph, for taking my hand in marriage.
For being my best friend.
For loving me.
For loving our daughters.
For providing.
For laughing with me.
For growing old together.

Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"God's Little Princess Devotional Bible" by Sheila Walsh

With three young daughters in our house, I was excited to get this devotional and begin reading it. My girls still love to play dress up and watch stories of princesses, so I liked the idea that Shelia Walsh has in this book - they are God's princess.
This book is an easy read for new readers. It was also easy to follow the way it is laid out. I loved the different aspects she has in it, as far as acting stories out, multiple choice questions, beauty tips, activities and more. It is a great book for young girls who are learning what it means to be a true princess of the King. I would recommend it for young girls, and look forward to going through it with mine.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Stuff

I have felt pretty much out of the loop lately. With summer vacation starting for the girls, and a planned get away for Ralph and I, well we are out of our routine.

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am addicted to routine.

You get the picture. Life is a little out of sorts right now. It's ok, I just have to work harder to keep the laundry from being out of control, the dishes put away, and the children fed, clothed and in bed at a decent hour.

So, just a few random things going on.

Laney went back for a check up on Friday, and her blood work came back good! White blood cell count was up, and everything pointed to her have a really bad viral infection. Possibly the flu. Needless to say I am not consumed with worry, as I was.

Ralph and I were able to have a get away last weekend. We were blessed to have friends and family keep the girls, so that we could attend a wedding in Tennessee and to celebrate our anniversary. June 18 we will be celebrating 15 years of marriage.

Wow, when I type that out it seems a little surreal. 15 years is a long time ago, and it also seems like yesterday.

We also have some exciting things going on personally that I can't share just yet. There are some things that need to happen before I feel comfortable sharing, but I am excited about new opportunities.

Those are some of the random thoughts running through this tired brain of mine tonight. Excited for summer and new opportunities, thankful for my children and celebrating my marriage.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A couple of things...

Summer is in full swing here at our house. The girls are participating in the library's summer reading program, and spending their afternoons playing in the pool. We have not made it to the beach, yet, but that will come soon.

I was at church (RiverTown Community Church) today and was told by Jarrod Wester that the Daraja African Choir will be putting on a concert in the Life Center at 4:30 - this Friday (tomorrow). I am hoping to take the girls and see them. I am sure it will be great. So if you are in the Blountstown area, stop by.

Today, I will admit - I am worried. Last week Laney was running a fever, and generally not feeling well. I was going out of town for the weekend, and so I took her to the doctor, just to have her checked out. After checking her and deciding it was viral, Laney started complaining of her side hurting. The doctor then decided to do a finger prick and check her blood. It came back that she did have a viral infection, but it also showed that her white blood cell count was really low. When I say really low, doc told me when she was going through chemo hers never got as low as Laney's was. Then she gave me a number to reach her, just in case I needed to over the weekend. I appreciated her giving me the number, but it made me worry.

Tomorrow I take her back to recheck her blood. Am I worried? Yes. Is my mind racing with what if's? Yes. Am I concerned? Of course. With the same breath that I have all these questions I respond with, "I can trust God, no matter what."

That phrase is one that my girls hear every Sunday in UpStreet. It is a phrase that has both freed me and confined me. It has made me look at myself and ask myself, "Am I practicing what I am preaching?" Do I trust him to take care of my children? Short answer is - yes, I do trust Him.

So, tomorrow if you think of us, please say a prayer. I will post what we find out tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Don't let this sweet little face fool you. She's a smart cookie. She knows where her place in this world is, and she knows where she fits.
We went to get our family picture taken at a professional photographers yesterday afternoon. They were a real sweet couple who did a great job with the girls. The lady was asking the girls their ages and names. When she got to Morgan she said, "And where do you fit in."
Morgan's reply, "I am the specialist."
I thought the lady was going to fall over laughing.
Yes, you are baby girl. You are special!