Sunday, May 24, 2009

History Buff

Ok, I admit it, I am a history nerd. I love reading, watching, learning anything about history. Especially American History. I actually majored in history and was going to be a history teacher. Then I got married, and well, life got in the way of education.

So, Ralph and I went to New York City in May of 2007. While we were there we wanted to catch a Broadway play or musical. Ralph was definitely wanting to watch a play as opposed to a musical. I did not care what we went to as long as it was on Broadway!

The play that Ralph chose was Frost/Nixon. It was political, so of course it appealed to him! It was amazing. Even though I was about 3 years old when the actual interviews happened, the story is very interesting. Of course the actors were superb.

Tonight I am sitting with my dear husband watching the film version of the story. Same story, still amazing and it completely draws me in. Same main characters were played in the play by the ones in the movie. Love it! Love sharing it with my husband, and glad he picked it.

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