Friday, May 8, 2009


Deflated, like a balloon with all the air let out.
That describes me...tonight.
Today started out with lots of air. I took the girls to school, and had breakfast with them. It was "Muffin's for Mom" day. I had a great time eating with them. I really didn't want to go, but Ralph encouraged me to. So, I did, and I am glad.
Then off to check on a few things for UpStreet, then grocery shopping. Check, check.
Balloon is still floating.
Then to Marianna to do a little Mother's Day shopping. Check.
On the way I called a friend. I am glad I did. We talked and shared. I love this friend for her honesty, her willingness to be vulnerable, and her desire to grow.
Balloon still up.
Then I have a lunch date planned with my husband. I was late. He didn't complain. Balloon still floating, although not quiet as high.
We start discussing house plans. Things that will need to be changed, plans that will need to be rearranged.
Balloon starts to lose a little air.
Head home, to pick the girls up from school. They are in interesting moods. I have one who is very clingy and whiny when she is sick. She gets in the van almost crying.
A little more air is let out of the balloon.
We get home, and there is the craziness that is our typical afternoon. Plus, one child who has a temperature of almost 101.
A lot of air is let out of my balloon.
She wants me to just hold her, so she can whine and generally complain. It just makes her feel better. I oblige. Isn't that what mothers are for?
By the time my dear husband has gotten home from his long day of work, I am deflated. Like the balloon that was left at the party. That no one wants. That's ready for trash pick up.
It seems like for every breath that was used to inflate today, there was something there letting the air out. Here is the thing though, I was concentrating on what was letting the air out, instead of what was inflating. Hmmmm, maybe that should be the other way around.
What's inflating (i.e. lifting) me (you) up, instead of tearing me (you) down?

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