Saturday, April 4, 2009


Spring Break for the girls was this week, as you know by the last post. Thursday was dreary and rainy, all day long. Ralph had class in Panama City Thursday evening, so I thought it would be a good idea for the girls and I to go with him. I figured while he was in class that I would take them and watch a movie.
So, we go and drop Ralph off at school and make our way to the theater in the pouring rain. While we are in line to get our tickets, Ralph calls. His class has been canceled. After my initial frustration of having to load the girls back up, in the rain, I get happy. Great, Ralph can be with us and watch the movie. So, I trek back and pick him up and we head back to the theater.
We settle in watch the movie "Monsters VS. Aliens". I will admit, this type of movie really isn't my thing. It was a cartoon and it had a lot of spoofs on B Horror movies, such as the blob and godzilla. But it was great in the tech department. The cartoon somehow felt very real. It was about an alien attack on the US and how monsters who have been locked away by the government band together to defeat the alien and save the country.
Long story short, one of the monsters returns to "normal", but to save her friends decides to return to being a monster. A misfit.
Ralph and I were talking later about the movie, and I made the comment that I was glad the girl returned to being a monster to save her friends. Even though it meant she was not "normal". To which Ralph responded, "You would pull for the misfits." So, I asked him what he meant and he told me that I always pull for the underdog. The ones who are not "popular". The ones who don't have someone pulling for them or believing in them.
I took that as a compliment. I hope I am always the one who looks out for the misfit. The outcast. The unpopular. The different ones.
That is my prayer, that I will see what God sees in all the ones He allows in my life. His creation.

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