Saturday, April 11, 2009


It really is not right to have to have the conversation I got to have with my kids, before 7:00 AM, this past Friday. I should not say it's not right, because I am glad that they will come to me and talk. I just mean, it's not right, because I had not had enough coffee or time to fully be awake and coherent.
Morgan was getting ready for school, and she comes bee-bopping in and asks, "Mommy, is the "F" word bad?"
I wish I would have had a video of how big Ralph's eye got with that question!
My response to Morgan was, "Well baby, that depends. What word are you talking about?"
Then she says IT.
IT was THAT "F" word.
At this point I am trying to remain calm and my mind starts working in overdrive on how to respond to that. Laney then tells me that she knows the "F'ing" word as well.
Um, Ok.
Then they want to know what it means.
So, I tell them that it is a negative term to describe sex. I am so glad that we had already had some discussion on the sex issue.
Ralph jumps in at this point and tells them it is a word they can't use. I tell them that is more about being respectful. That this word is not a respectful way to talk. They all seemed to get that. That using that word was disrespectful and could cause them to get in trouble. A bad consequence.
Wow, all that before 7:00 AM.

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