Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Want a good laugh?

OK, at the expense of being open and honest here, I will share something that happened today. Looking back, it wasn't all that funny, but if someone had been watching me they would have had a good chuckle.
I was in a hurry this morning to get out the door, to start my to do list and start checking things off. Being the smart, thirty-something woman that I am, I decided to take my things to the van in 2 loads.
Don't ask me why I had 2 loads of stuff to take to the van, I already told you, long list, stuff to do.
Anyway, the first load consisted of stuff. Not my important stuff. Like my purse. With my keyring. With my house key on it.
Are you clued into where this story is going?
As, I deposit my first load and realize that I am on time and things are clicking, I race up the back steps and jerk open the back door. Only the door does not jerk, or open.
Remember, the smart, thirty-something woman, she had left her purse, with her keys, sitting on the washing machine.
Don't ask me how long I sat there and tried to jiggle and shake the door open. It was definitely locked, and I had definitely left my purse inside! So, my mind starts racing and my eyes start darting. I had to find a way in, because I also did not have my phone on me to call anyone.
Finally, I spy what I need to do. Let's just say I seized a window of opportunity. Yep, I squeezed my thirty-something rear end through one of the smaller windows of my house. Contorting and twisting in ways this old body didn't know it could go. I am glad my dear husband wasn't watching, it might would have gotten his hopes up. It is amazing what necessity will encourage you to get done.
Long story short, I got in and without too much harm. I am just glad no one was watching.
Lesson learned - look for my window of opportunity, and don't forget to take my purse.

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Jay said...

"I am glad my dear husband wasn't watching, it might would have gotten his hopes up"

hahahahah, that is hillarious!