Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Baby Girl

Miss Morgan, or MoJo as she is affectionately and accurately called, turned 6 today. The kid has MoJo. She is so stinking charming and cute and right and opinionated. That is what I admire about her the most, her ability to stick to her guns when she believes in something.
I remember the day she was born. I went in to be induced. I had been walking around at 4cm dilated for 3 weeks. An hour into the induction the midwife checks me and says, well you are at about 4.5cm's. That is when I asked for the epidural. I had already done natural childbirth twice before, I had nothing to prove. The epidural didn't take on one side. So an hour later I am very uncomfortable and tell the nurse. She gets the epidural guy, he checks and says that he will have to reinsert the needle. So, I ask the nurse to check me again before that happens. She huffs and puffs and informs me I can't be ready, but obliges. When she pulls the sheet back, she hollers, "Get the midwife, she is crowning."
Thanks for checking. Less than 10 minutes later Morgan Jennifer made her appearance into this world. The reason I share this story is because, this has been Morgan all of her life. She will make an entrance when she is good and ready, and it will be a fast and furious one. It will be on her own terms. That is why I pray she holds Jesus close to her heart.
She is such a blessing and I am so thankful she is a part of our family. Even on the days she looks at me and ask me, "Mom, you aren't wearing that are you?"

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