Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Happy Birthday Madison! Today you turned 9.
The number before 10, which are constantly reminding me.

I remember 9 years ago today, the day I got to meet you face to face. I was so scared. I was scared that something would happen to you, like happened to your brother. I was scared to change your diaper. I was scared the first time we put you in your car seat. I was scared the first night we brought you home.

Yes, I was scared, but I was overwhelmingly amazed and in love. I remember the smell of your sweet baby's breath, and understanding why there is a flower named that. Your daddy and I wanted you. So we trusted God. We trusted Him to guide us, as we guided you. He has not failed us.

You have, my dear daughter, kept us on our toes. I have learned a lot about myself as I have parented you. You have taught me, as I have been teaching you. I am proud of the young lady you are becoming. I am just in awe of the chances you will take, to go out on a limb. Your easy going demeanor that just attracts those around you.

And I am thankful to God for you.
I love you Madison Wynne.
Happy 9th Birthday.

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