Friday, February 13, 2009

3rd grade, really?

Valentine's Day - the day for love. I remember it being such a big deal when I was in grade school. Wondering who would give me a valentine, and when I got one trying to decide if the boy really did like me.
Let me just say, grade school has changed. My dear 3rd grader Madison, came home today with her Valentines, and in the mix, was a mix. A mixed CD, that is.
It. Was. From. A. Boy.
So, I ask her if WE can listen to it when we get home, and she says yes. We get home and all my girls dump their Valentine cards out and we pop the CD in to listen. First song up is - "Burning Up" by the Jonas Brothers. Um, ok, is the little boy "burning up" for my baby?! We continue looking at cards, and listening to the CD.
Every. Song. Was. A. Love. Song.
I was able to talk with her tonight about this boy. She said he had told her he had a secret, and it was that he liked her. She then proceeded to tell me that he told her, he had a dream that he had kissed her. Oh boy, I feel like we are diving into the deep end.
Madison did tell me that she does not like this boy. That he is just a friend. I really hope she just has friends that are boys at least until she is 30!


rbyoder said...

WHAT!?! I'm in shock...not little Maddie. Tell me the boy's name. I'll have a talk with him! :-)

Jay said...

Hey!! I found your blog from a link to Ralph's on facebook.

I cannot believe how big your girls are!!! Third grade?!?!

--- and wow, a love song C.D.? Someone at his house had to think that was cool and help him with it...