Thursday, January 15, 2009


Do you ever have one of those days (in my case weeks), where everything you say or do is just not right? That is where I am at this week. Nothing I seem to touch seems to be "right". And somehow, even though it's not "right", I am ok. Sure, there have been tears this week, but I have not been consumed by them. I have not become paralyzed by them. I have those tendencies, to let things consume and paralyze me.
Now, before you judge me or wax eloquent on how I should do this or that. I am human, I have struggles, I have down days (weeks). That is what makes me human. I pray, sometimes God speaks loudly and other times His silence is deafening. I am not asking for a quick fix. I need to learn some lessons, and sometimes those lessons takes lots of time.
This week I have become more aware of the importance of just "shutting up", and truly listening to those around me. I can have the tendency to think ahead and try to "fix" whomever I am talking to. I am learning to still my mind, and really listen to what someone is telling me. I have realized that you can do more harm trying to "fix" someone, instead of just listening to them.
So, lots of stuff is rolling around in my head. Lots of stuff to process. Lots of emotions to deal with. Just lots of stuff.

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Ralph Yoder said...

I am proud of you. Thank you for the challenge...for your vulnerability. I am lucky to share life with you.