Monday, January 19, 2009

Not My Agenda

Tonight I was reminded again of the fact that it is ok to deviate from my agenda. Let me set this up. We had a meeting tonight for all the UpStreet small group leaders to discuss a some changes. I did not want to keep these volunteers long, because I value their time. I wanted to respect the plans they may have had. I figured the meeting would last less than an hour. Well, by the time the hour had ended, these guys started to get on a roll. They were throwing GREAT ideas out to encourage our kids to do their Big 4 (bring bible, memorize memory verse, offering and GodTime card). This totally went off my script and time frame.
I am so thankful it did. The more they talked the more connected we all felt. There was ownership of the process. There were creative ideas flowing! I am so glad that my agenda did not get in the way.

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