Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Conversations

Oh boy. I am beginning to anticipate, with a touch of dread, some of the conversations that get started in the van. My middle child informed me yesterday that my baby girl needed to tell me something. "OK." I reply, "What's up Morgan." Morgan remains quiet. So, Laney pipes up, "She showed so-and-so her (for those with delicate tendencies I am using safe language) Upper Chest Region (which I will shorten to UCR for the remainder of the story). After I pick my jaw up and regain my wits, I ask Morgan if this is true. She replies that she doesn't want to tell me. So, I ask again and she quietly replies, "Yes, ma'am." So, I go on with the questions of why, did she think that was a wise choice, what on earth would make her do that? I stopped short of saying "Are you crazy!" She had a very logical, for a 5 year old, reason. The other kids had asked.
It opened up the chance for us to have a frank conversation with her about keeping her UCR, covered. That this is a private area only for her, and when she gets married, her husband. Poor Ralph was at a loss for words when she told him what had happened. Being the quick thinker, usually, he gave her an example of how I don't go around baring my UCR to other people (which he felt compelled to give names as an example). Note to self, stop Ralph the next time before he sticks his foot in his mouth.
She got it, even though I felt like we had botched it. On the ride home this afternoon, I asked her if she had showed her UCR to anyone. She proudly declared, "NO! So-and-so asked me, but I said NO! That is my private area."
Now, can we keep it that way until she is 30?

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Charlotte said...

Don't ya love those teachable moments! You haven't failed horribly at all. Keep the lines of communication open and don't freak out on the outside. Praying for wisdom!