Friday, December 19, 2008

Ok, What!?!

My wonderful husband took me on a date tonight. We went to
Tallahassee, did a little shopping, ate out, and then went to a
movie. Being the wonderful man that Ralph is, he let me pick the
movie and we saw "Four Christmases" . I wanted to laugh, and I love
Christmas, so it seemed like a good pick. Before we went I read the
reviews and and the ratings. I knew there would be language that I
don't use. I knew there would be jokes that I would not retell. I
knew that going in.
Half way through the movie, not during a particularly objectionable
moment, several people get up and walk out. As they are walking out
I hear one of them say, "I can't watch something like this as a
Christian!" To which someone still sitting said loudly, "Amen!" My
thoughts to this was, Huh!?! Did you not read the review? Did you
not know you were watching a PG-13 movie? Did you not see "contains
language, crude humor"? Come on. These were adults leaving the
theater. They should have known. These were not children who needed
to be shielded. These were adults who should have educated
themselves before they entered the theater. Now, I know there are
things in films that sneak up, and yes, you should leave the theater
if you feel it's over the line. But to loudly state as you are
leaving that you can't endure this because you are a Christian.
Well, I say get educated or stay home.
I actually had a take away from this film. My take away is that your
family of origin can be screwed up, but your choice can be to break
family systems that are messed up. It's your choice.

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