Friday, December 5, 2008

My Baby Girl

My baby girl got her ears pierced last week.  We were walking thru the mall and were actually done with what we had to do and leaving.  As we were walking thru the last store to get to the van we walked by the jewelry counter.  Madison and Laney started talking about earrings and what they would like for Christmas and Morgan said she could not wear any because her ears were not pierced.  Ralph looked at her and said, "Do you want them pierced?"  She said, "I think so."  So, we back tracked and found Claires.  She asked if it was going to hurt, so me and the girls explained that it would fill like a pinch, then it would be over.  She put her brave face on and went to pick out her earrings.  Then she asked me to hold her hand during the process, which I gladly did.  She held still and waited and then it was over with!  She looked at me and her eyes were welling up, so I scooped her up and she cried, just a very little bit.  No screaming or hysteria.  She was a tough one.  Which I kind of expect from the child who we sometimes call Bubba.  This was a neat experience in the fact that Ralph got to be there.  I had taken the other 2 on special dates to get theirs done.  He was glad he got to be there to document the occasion.  I am glad that we let her make this decision.  She has taken good care of them so far, and she is excited to be able to pick out her next earrings.  My baby girl is growing up.

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