Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A View from My Front Porch

Last week, Ralph got home a little early from work. He then went outside with the girls. I thought they were going to do a little clean up in the yard, and play with Belle. Then one of the girls came in and said, "Daddy needs the matches." I thought, ok, he must be burning some paper. Then another one came in and said he needed more matches. "Um, ok," I thought to myself. So, I went along with what I was doing and happened to walk by the window and see an orange glow in the yard. And this is what I saw........

My husband was burning our garden spot, with his daughters. I think you could probably consider it a "wild at heart" moment. For me, it was a "faint of heart" moment. But, I kept quiet and instead took pictures. I know he had it under control, it just made me nervous! The girls of course enjoyed every moment, so I wanted to document the fun time they had with their daddy.

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