Saturday, November 1, 2008

How we spent Halloween

The day started out with me volunteering at the girl's school. The school was having a celebration for the faculty and kids for being an 'A' school. That means that they did really well on the FCAT, that wonderful test that everyone loves. So, I got to put popcorn in the bags for the kids. That meant after I was done, I could go around and see what the girls were doing at the different things they had set up for them to do. It really was a lot of fun, and I am glad that I was able to volunteer. I think the girls actually enjoyed having me there!
When the celebration was done, I checked the girls out early. It was an early release day anyway. We came home and ate an early lunch and then Ralph came home and we headed to Tallahassee. We had told the girls since we were no longer living in a neighborhood, we really could not go trick-or-treating. So, we asked if they would like to go watch High School Musical 3. That was met with a resounding "YES!" We caught a matinee.
Then we went and bought our Christmas ornaments for this year. That is always a holiday tradition that the girls enjoy. They go back and forth on which one they really want. Madison got a Tom and Jerry one this year, Laney a Hannah Montana, and Morgan a HSM 3. Ralph and I got the John Deere and the Mary's Angel that we always get. It is so much fun watching them try and decide. They kept saying, "Well, I just get this one next year." They have no concept that it won't be the same thing next year!
Next, we had to go shopping for Morgan. She has been selected to be the Flower Girl for the homecoming court for BHS! She was so excited when we told her that she was going to have the opportunity to do this. She keeps asking me if today is the day, so we have begun a countdown to help her know when it will be happening. The first store they all did really well, then it was downhill from there! Fortunately we were able to find a dress, that was both appropriate and one that Morgan likes.
It was a long evening, but it was so much fun being with the girls and shopping and watching a movie. They never asked about not having a costume, and I don't think they missed trick-or-treating. Besides, they brought enough candy home from school! And that is how we spent our Halloween.

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