Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

Oh my. My middle child is so much like me, sometimes it hurts. Like today. As usual, today I picked the girls up from school. I always ask how their day was, as soon as they all get buckled up. Madison and Morgan both said good. Laney on the other hand, she said she had not had a good day. So, I asked her what was wrong. She proceeded to tell me that her tummy was hurting. It was hurting because she had not eaten her lunch. Of course my next question was, "Why?!?" My dear Laney bug, then told me of the bad day she had.
Halloween is around the corner, so of course you know what that means. Well, besides candy. It's the scary stories. The kids had been telling her a story about some scary lady, that if you said her name so many times and did this and that, then she would tap you on the shoulder, and then try and kill you. She had heard this story at break, at PE, and then at lunch, where she finally lost it. She told me she just cried because her tummy was hurting so bad and she was so scared. My baby. I can so empathize with her.
As a young child I could not hear about a scary movie, much less watch one, and I would have nightmares and be unable to sleep. My mom used to tell me to stay "prayed up" ( a Pentecostal term) because someone was going to scare me to death some day. I think the older I have gotten, the more secure I feel. I know Whom I can put my trust in, and I do trust Him.
So, we have tried to have a teachable moment with her about this. Reminding her that she can trust God no matter what, and He is a big God who loves her very much. Ralph took her for a short drive tonight and was able to talk with her and reassure her. She needed to know her Daddy understood her and would be her protector. He did that. She was able to go to bed without too much stress. It just made my heart hurt for her. I have been there, and done that. Like mother, like daughter.

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