Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Whew, what a day.

Today has been one of those days that started planned out, and then gets changed, rearranged and redone. But, that's ok. I stay home so days like today are "easier".
It started with a trip to the dentist for the girls to get their teeth cleaned. They were visiting our new dentist here for the first time and had not had their teeth cleaned since some time last year. Sorry, if that grosses anyone out, but moving and other things have taken priority. Well, that became obvious when the dentist checked them. They all had the beginnings of a cavity, actually 2 - a piece. So, I scheduled to get them filled in August and told the young lady at the front she could call if they had a cancelation. Off we trotted to the library to enjoy hanging out with B and Clem and look for new books. Madison at this point had become quiet and clingy, very much not herself. As I am sitting holding her and talking with B, my phone starts vibrating, it's the dentist office. They have an opening at 4 - ok put Madison down, because I don't think she can make it until August! Hang up. 10 minutes later, dentist office calling again - they have an opening at 3 - ok put Laney down. So, we ended our library visit, went to the bank, went to Harvey's to pick out Laney birthday cake and ran home to eat. Sat down for 15 minutes, then back to Blountstown for the first filling. Madison went first and she was so brave. Fortunately it was caught early and the dentist did not have to even numb it! He was able to fill both of them without having to give her a shot. Same for Laney! I am so thankful, because I know kids can become traumatized with one bad visit to the dentist. Ours was good, and the girls were very brave.
Now we are waiting for our man to get to Blountstown, so we can meet him for supper. Then, I do believe, it will be bed time for this soccer mom.


Corey and Kat said...

Now wonder you didn't answer when I called last night!

Jill Barlow said...

I like our dentist too. He does a lot for kids. He even has a bubble gum machine that has bouncy balls and he gives the kids a quarter to get one each visit. I'm glad things worked out for the best!