Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day in the life..

Ok, so Monday started by going to my Grandma's to pick blueberries. She calls at 7:30 to say that she had been walking around in her yard, and went to check the berries and they were ready. So, we load up and go pick berries - and here is what we wind up with...

4 quarts of berries! Yeah, we love us some blueberry muffins in this house.

And yes, that is a pressure cooker in the background. We have been canning squash from the garden, and a few green beans. After 14 years (almost) of marriage, Ralph and I are still learning to communicate. I was sick last week with fever, sore throat, just feeling really bad. My husband didn't think it was bad enough not to keep up with the garden stuff, because that was more important! So, we have been discussing what it means when I have a fever and can't crawl out of bed, it's probably best just to leave me there until I'm better. I am not a very good sick person.

Hopefully we are back on track this week. Still picking produce from our garden. Family night is tonight. Going to the beach tomorrow to visit Georgia friends. Library on Thursday. Dentist on Friday. Whew, I think I may need a nap.


Jill Barlow said...

I wish I could have some of your homemade from scratch blueberry muffins! Man, that sounds good!

We've got to work out a time to visit. I miss you guys, and haven't seen you in months now.

I'm so glad you keep up with this blog. It makes keeping in touch so easy.

I hope Ho-Bo night is fun tonight!

Philip & Alicia said...

Dentist Friday? Schrock? Maybe I'll see you :-(

Michelle Yoder said...

Hey Alicia - yes Schrock on Friday at 9. Just for cleaning though. I don't have your email address, can you send it to me!