Monday, June 30, 2008

Miss Organization

I have a girl that loves to organize! Our middle child is a pack rat, but she is organized. And I had the job for her today. It is cleaning day here in the Yoder house, and my closet has needed to be organized basically since we moved in. The shoes got brought in and dumped, and they have stayed dumped since. Not anymore! I asked the girls to put match the shoes up and put in place. Well one got busy trying the shoes on, and one just got distracted. However, Miss Laney got busy and matched shoes up and put them in their spot! She did an awesome job, and I am so glad I have a Miss Organization in my house!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Night 4

Tonight we had Family Night 4. I honestly had forgotten that we had not had family night this week and had already planned on having pancakes and sausage. So, tonight's theme- "Breakfast in Bed". We got the girls sleeping bags and pillows and everyone put on their pj's for this one. Not very creative, but we had a good time sitting and talking and eating!

Here are the girls -

Family Night 3

Here is Family Night 3- we did this last week on Tuesday. "Under the Sea" was that night's theme. We all dressed in our swimsuits, ate on beach towels, and watched "The Little Mermaid".
Food was shells and cheese, octopus hot dogs, and for dessert octopus pie. This one was a lot of fun!

Family Night 2

Ok, Family Night #2 happened 2 weeks ago. It was one of those weeks
that I had to keep postponing it because the girls and the weather
refused to cooperate. The theme was "Hobo's". The girls were going
to dress up, but didn't. We were going to roast marshmallows over an
open fire pit, but it rained. So, we just ate what we call hobos.
It's hamburger and a lot of vegetable cooked together (it is better
than it sounds). And we played a game that the girls tried to guess
what the hobo's symbols meant. They also got a history lesson on
what it meant to be a hobo.

Here are some pictures.

It's been long time.

It's been a long time since I have posted.  Father's Day passed, and so did my 14 year anniversary of being married to the same wonderful man.  Summer has just honestly drained me.  Between the heat and trying to keep the girls occupied with fun stuff to do this summer, I have just been tired.

Here is a picture of what else has been going on to keep me busy!

Me and my grandmother and the girls went tomato picking on Tuesday.  It was a lot of early morning fun.  I am glad we were able to go so the last few days have been involved with putting them up.  I can't wait for cold weather so I can make vegetable soup and put these in it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day in the life..

Ok, so Monday started by going to my Grandma's to pick blueberries. She calls at 7:30 to say that she had been walking around in her yard, and went to check the berries and they were ready. So, we load up and go pick berries - and here is what we wind up with...

4 quarts of berries! Yeah, we love us some blueberry muffins in this house.

And yes, that is a pressure cooker in the background. We have been canning squash from the garden, and a few green beans. After 14 years (almost) of marriage, Ralph and I are still learning to communicate. I was sick last week with fever, sore throat, just feeling really bad. My husband didn't think it was bad enough not to keep up with the garden stuff, because that was more important! So, we have been discussing what it means when I have a fever and can't crawl out of bed, it's probably best just to leave me there until I'm better. I am not a very good sick person.

Hopefully we are back on track this week. Still picking produce from our garden. Family night is tonight. Going to the beach tomorrow to visit Georgia friends. Library on Thursday. Dentist on Friday. Whew, I think I may need a nap.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Family Night #1

Ok, this summer I have decided to be intentional on what we do as a family. I got the idea of a themed Family Night from another blog that I read. So Tuesday night was our first one. Let me just say - it was good intentions!
I became ill part way through the day. Ralph had a rough day at work. Then it was cloudy and we could not do part of what I had planned. Success - probably not. Fun - I think so. So the theme this night was Starry Night. The girls did their own version of Van Goh's Starry Night. We cut stars out and hung them over the table. All the food was star shaped - star shaped sandwiches, star shaped jello, cucumbers and carrots in a star shape. And blue gatorade to match the sky. We had planned on taking Madison's telescope out and look at the stars, but it was too cloudy. We also let the girls use tin foil to dress up in astronaut suits.
So, all in all good night.

Star shaped food

Girls dressed up in their suits

Madison and her painting (on the right)

Laney and her painting (on the left)

Morgan and her painting (on the left)

Stars over the table